Our poultry serve many functions here on the farm from controlling parasite loads in our pastures to providing nutrient rich bedding for compost and supplying our family and customers with delicious eggs and meat. We currently raise a small flock of ancona ducks for eggs and around 1000 broilers every season.

We've found that the Robust White is the most delicious and healthiest broiler for our farm. Our broilers spend the majority of their lives on pasture and are fed a locally-milled, corn and soy-free feed. Robust White's grow a bit slower then conventional Cornish Cross meat birds but we think they are worth the wait. They have an amazing flavor that is unsurpassed.

We sell our birds frozen and whole for $5.75/lb. Our finished birds range anywhere from 3-5 pounds and are the perfect size for a family of four. Please contact us for availability as our birds tend to sell out fast.

If you've never tried pasture raised chicken before, here are some helpful tips on cooking your birds. We also love to brine our birds before we cook them as pasture raised meat tends to be leaner, and the brine can help keep your chicken juicy and tender.