WE are sold out for the 2018 season!!!

sign up for your 2018 csa share today! 

24 Weeks of ridiculously fresh produce june-november

share options and pricing

Full Produce Share

$690 for 24 weeks of produce, that's only $28/week!!

Half Produce Share

$345 for 12 weeks of produce, pickup every other week. Perfect for smaller families and single folks.

Optional Pasture-Raised Chicken Share

Add a delicious pasture-raised chicken share to your produce share. Our chickens are raised on a locally milled and grown feed that is GMO, corn and soy free. Receive a whole frozen chicken from our farm every week, every other week or once a month.

  • Every week $480 for 24 chickens
  • Every other week $240 for 12 chickens
  • Once a month $120 for 6 chickens

Optional Sauerkraut Share

Our sauerkraut is made in small batches using all organic ingredients right here on our farm. Flavors will rotate throughout the season. Each jar is equivalent to one pint.

  •  Every week $180 for 24 jars
  •  Every other week $90 for 12 jars
  •  Once a month $45 for 6 jars

Optional Flower Bouquet Share from Indigo Gardens

We are so excited to be partnering with Indigo Gardens to offer locally grown bouquets to our Portland CSA members. Signup here to receive a fresh bouquet of seasonal flowers all season long. 

*Only available at Portland area pickup locations*

  • 4 Weeks for $80
  • 8 Weeks for $160
  • 12 Weeks $220
  • 16 Weeks $275
  • 20 Weeks $340

Pickup Locations and Dates

Dates: Tuesdays 12pm-8pm, June - November

Pickup Sites - Don't see a site that works for you? Get in touch!

  • NE Portland (Cully) - NE Wygant St and NE 66th Ave
  • NE Portland (Hazelwood) - Rockwood Urban Farm, NE Glisan St and NE 143rd Ave
  • NE Portland (Sabin) - NE Mason St and NE 14th Ave
  • NE Portland (Kerns) - NE Everett St and NE 28th Ave
  • SE Portland (Foster Powell) - Wild Lilac Child Development Community, 3829 SE 74th Ave
  • SE Portand (Moreland/Sellwood) - SE Reedway St and SE 17th Ave
  • Milwaukie - SE Wood Ave and SE Railroad Ave
  • Flying Coyote Farm - 19779 SE Langensand Rd, Sandy
  • Welches - Zig Zag Zen, 68266 US-26, Welches

What's In My Share?

Each weekly share will contain on average, 7-10 different vegetables and fruits. We always try to have a balance between leafy greens, salad greens, herbs, root crops, summer fruit crops (tomatoes, squash, eggplant etc.), and specialty items. Shares tend to be smaller in the spring, becoming more abundant in the summer and fall. 

Check out our Harvest By Season list to see what vegetables will be showing up in your share.

CSA member extras

We raise more then just vegetables on our farm and are happy to offer our CSA members priority access to pasture-raised pork, pasture-raised chicken, and value added products such as farm fresh sauerkraut, salsas, and pickles. All of these products are raised on our farm with the same care and attention to detail that we give our vegetables. Customize your share by adding a sauerkraut or pasture-raised chicken share and enjoy the full bounty from our farm all season long! 

Each week we send out a members' only newsletter full of photos and farm news. We also let you know what's in your share and we include great tips and tricks for enjoying each week's harvest.


Why Join a csa?

The community supported agriculture model is one of the most powerful ways to connect local farmers with local eaters! By joining a CSA you are truly becoming part of our farm family; sharing in the profit and loss of the farm throughout the season. By paying for your produce at the beginning of the year you help the farm invest in the seed, labor and infrastructure needed to get the farm going. CSA members take on some of the risk that farmers face every day with changing weather patterns, unpredictable pest and disease pressure and the daily needs of running and managing a small family farm. By assuming some of this risk CSA members not only get to share in the reward of the harvest, they help ensure that farmers can continue to produce healthy and vibrant food for their communities for years to come.

We think a share from our farm is one of the most affordable ways for families and individuals to access fresh and delicious produce. We price our shares below grocery store and farmers market prices which means you end up receiving approximately $800 of insanely fresh produce for your $690 share. Why the price difference? Because your contribution early in the season is that valuable to us. By sharing our risk we make sure our members reap the rewards.