The Farm

Our 3-acre farm sits at the base of Mt.Hood in Sandy, Oregon. We grow over 100 different varieties of Certified Organic and Certified Biodynamic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and flowers. In addition to produce we have 18 acres in pasture that we rotationally graze, allowing our meat birds and pigs access to fresh forage with plenty of room to roam.

We are dedicated to farming in a way that focuses on soil, animal and crop health as it is our hope to increase the fertility and vibrancy of our land through our agricultural practices. To this end we are constantly pushing ourselves to be more attentive and educated growers not only focusing on production but taking a longer view as to how our practices will impact the land for many generations to come. 



The Farmer

Lili Tova is the owner and manager of Flying Coyote Farm and has spent the better part of her adult life with her hands in the dirt. She started gardening when she was a teenager and the absolute rightness of this act is still the force that continues to propel her today. With the help of friends and family Lili has been able to embark on the truly amazing adventure of owning and operating her own farm.

Flying Coyote is a lovely hybrid of farm and garden where production goals and attention to beauty and detail harmoniously coexist. The farm is really part garden, part homestead, and part production farm which is the true expression of Lili's experience and passion for agriculture.


The Feast

Feasting is at the heart of everything we do on our farm. Our greatest joy is sharing in the bounty with friends, family and neighbors. Some of our favorite moments on this agrarian journey happen during shared meals, where everything presented on the table is a product of our land and our effort. We aspire to transform soil into produce and flesh and then to again transform these products into nourishment and delicious memories.

Come feast with us and taste the difference!