Our 2017 Harvest date is set, please have your orders in before September 1st.


The hogs we raise on our farm are a mix of three heritage breeds: Mulefoot, Berkshire and Red Wattle. Unlike more modern and hybrid breeds which have been selected over time to put on weight quickly and to thrive in confinement, our pigs are meant to live outside and to thrive on a low input diet. The combination of these three heritage breeds makes for a hog that is both delicious and perfectly suited for life on a small organic farm.

We love our pigs and we think you'll taste the difference – our hogs live in a large paddock with plenty of room to roam, they’ve eaten a diverse diet of organic vegetable scraps from our farm supplemented by a locally milled non-Gmo, corn and soy-free feed. They also receive daily human contact and lots of head pats and ear scratches.

HOW to purchase

We are offering half and whole hog shares this season and a deposit of $200 for a whole or $100 for a half will reserve your share. The cost consists of two payments, one to the farm and one to the butcher (Gartner's Country Meats) . The price of each share paid to the farm is $5.50/lb and is determined by the hanging weight of the hog. The farm receives the payment for the hanging weight (minus your deposit) and the butcher receives the cutting fees, $0.75/pound for basic cut and wrap. Please note that there are extra fees associated with smoking meats (ham, etc.), curing bacon and making sausage. These price breakdowns can be located here. We will be harvesting our hogs in late Septembet this year, please have your orders in before September 1st.


sample Half Share price breakdown

Weight of a half of carcass: 75 lbs

Deposit to farm: $100

Payment to farm (@$5.50/lb x 75 lbs): $312.50 ($412.50 minus $100 deposit)

Butcher Costs: 75¢/lb for cut & wrap: $56.25

            Final Cost: $468.75 ($6.25/lb)                                  

what cuts to expect from a half hog

  • 15-25 pork chops (depending on the thickness of the cut)
  • 2 roasts
  • 1 fresh ham
  • 8 lbs of fresh bacon slab
  • 3 lbs of spare ribs
  • 9 lbs of ground pork

To place your order or for more information please contact Lili Tova at flyingcoyotefarm@gmail.com