HOG shares SOLD OUT for 2018!!!



This season we are excited to offer two unique and delicious ways to enjoy our pork. Choose from either apple-finished pork harvested October 23rd or pastured-pork harvested on November 8th.  Our apple-finished pigs are fed pomace (apple-smoosh from cider pressing) from a local cider house specializing in traditional English varietals from September through October. You’ll love the sweet, rich taste of this pork! Our pasture-raised pigs are a new breed- the Idaho Pasture Pig. These animals have a friendly disposition and thrive on grass forage. We’ve been managing them on paddocks in a rotational grazing system, and think you’ll be able to taste the difference! 



how to purcase

We are offering half and whole hog shares this season and a deposit of $200 for a whole or $100 for a half will reserve your share. The cost of a hog share consists of two payments, one to the farm and one to the butcher. The price of each share paid to the farm is $5.25/lb for apple finished and $5.75/lb for pasture-raised and is determined by the hanging weight of the hog. The farm receives the payment for the hanging weight (minus your deposit) and the butcher receives the payment for slaughter and disposal plus cutting fees. Please note that there are extra fees associated with smoking meats (ham, etc.), curing bacon and making sausage. We will have two separate harvest dates and are working with two separate butchers for our different hog offerings this season. Our apple finished pork will be harvested on October 23rd and packaged at Gartner's Meats in Portland. Our pasture-raised pork will be harvested on November 8th and packaged at Malco's Buxton Meats in Sandy. 


sample Half Share price breakdown

Apple Finished

Hanging weight for half a hog: 90 lbs

Deposit to farm: $100

Remainder to farm (@$5.25/lb x 90 lbs): $372.50 

Slaughter and Disposal Feed: $60 

Butcher fees: 75¢/lb for cut & wrap: $67.50

            Final Cost: $600 ($6.66/lb)  

Pasture Raised

Hanging weight for half a hog: 75 lbs

Deposit to farm: $100

Remainder to farm (@$5.75/lb x 75 lbs): $331.25

Slaughter and Disposal Feed: $65 

Butcher fees: 65¢/lb for cut & wrap: $48.75

            Final Cost: $545 ($7.26/lb)  



what cuts to expect from a half hog

  • 15-25 pork chops (depending on the thickness of the cut)

  • 2 roasts

  • 1 fresh ham

  • 8 lbs of fresh bacon slab

  • 3 lbs of spare ribs

  • 9 lbs of ground pork

To place your order or for more information please contact Lili Tova at flyingcoyotefarm@gmail.com