Flying Coyote Farm 2016 Internship Application

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Do you have health insurance?
Do you exercise regularly? If so what do you do?
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Do you have a valid driver’s license?
Do you own a reliable vehicle and will you be bringing it to the farm?
Can you drive a manual transmission? Do you have experience driving large work vans, or ‘box truck’ type vehicles?
Are you comfortable or familiar with power tools and farm tools? If not are you interested in learning?
7. *
Are you proficient in basic math?
Do you have any retail experience?
Have you ever lived rurally? Did you enjoy it?
Describe your experience, if any, with cooperative living and working situations. What do you consider the advantages and disadvantages of such arrangements?
Do you have any dietary restrictions? If yes please explain.
Please describe your previous experience in farming, gardening, or land stewardship. Experience is not required, but it’s good for us to get an idea of your level of familiarity with the work. If you do not have direct experience please describe why you are drawn to the work.
What are your reasons for seeking a farm internship at this time? Please be as thorough and specific as possible in describing your current situation, what your vision and/or goals are for the future, and how a farm internship will support this vision. We understand that not everyone has a clear picture of where they hope to be, so please just be as transparent as possible in describing how a farm internship fits into your current life.
Do you prefer working alone, or with others or both? Do you prefer to be in a leadership role, to receive direction from others, or a mix of both? Please explain.
Have you ever had a job which required getting up early for work and exercising, physically and mentally, right at the start of work? If yes, describe. Did you enjoy this position?
Do you have any injuries or limitations that would keep you from being able to lift 50 lbs, or that might hinder taking on a job that requires a large amount of physical labor?
Have you or will you be able to visit the farm prior to the internship start date (April 2016)?
Do you have any other skills or talents that you’d like us to know about?
Please include two work-related references and a personal/character reference. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this application. We will be in touch soon.