CSA Week 13

by Lili Tova in

It is truly hard for me to believe that September is already here. Spring feels like a distant memory yet these past couple of months have been a blur of work, play, and abundance. As our second season on the farm begins to wind down, I've finally had some time to reflect on all we have accomplished. It is hard to believe that we've only been living and farming on this land for 18 months. Our land has transformed from what was once an old pasture to an incredibly vibrant and beautiful farm. Everywhere I look I see the work and love we have put into this place. IMG_1209

All of this reflecting has lead me to a deep feeling of gratitude. None of what we've done here would have been possible without the love and support of our families. By family I mean our literal family, our parents and siblings who have had our backs from the very beginning. But I also mean the people who started out as friends but have become like a family to us, putting their sweat, love and faith into this little farm. It feels like an incredible mile stone for me. Flying Coyote is a place I've dreamed about since I started farming ten years ago but to see it in action is something beyond my wildest dreams. Farming is incredibly hard work and sometimes the financial rewards are hard to come by, after a 70 plus hour week it can sometimes be challenging to remember to be grateful. For me the moments of gratitude are often found in the little things, like watching the goats play in the pasture, our seeing in the farm in the predawn light. But at the end of the season as the days get shorter and the farm begins to quiet down I am fully in a place of awe and appreciation for how beautiful and abundant our little farm is.


Full Share:


Napa Cabbage Tomatoes, Heirloom and Red Slicers

Eggplant Parsley Peppers, Sweet and Green and Jalapenos Carrots Romano Beans

Chard Summer Squash Cherry Tomatoes


Half Share:

Cherry Tomatoes (NE only this week) Summer Squash Napa Cabbage Leeks Tomatoes, Heirloom and Red Slicers Peppers, Sweet and Green and Jalapenos Carrots Romano Beans

In this week's box you'll find romano beans. These green beans are an Italian style flat bean and they are delicious steamed and slathered in butter. You'll also find sweet red, orange and yellow peppers. We prefer to grow sweet Italian frying peppers over the standard bell pepper. Italian frying peppers are incredibly versatile. They have thin skins which make them great for grilling and roasting, and their sweet flesh makes them a delicious compliment to stir fries and soups. We've been enjoying them roasted and mixed into fresh tomato sauce. We know you might be starting to sing the summer squash blues but try this recipe for roasted zucchini hummus, it might make you rejoice to have squash in your box again!