CSA Week 1

by Lili Tova in

I can't believe it's finally here! Summer and the first week of our CSA. Things have been incredibly busy at Flying Coyote Farm. We've been planting, sowing seeds, weeding, milking, and enjoying the arrival of summer. Our gardens are really starting to take off and we are happily settling into our second year on the farm. This week's box includes garlic scapes, which are the fresh flower stalks of garlic. They are tender and crunchy like asparagus, with a light garlic flavor. Try roasting them, throwing them on the grill, or incorporating them into a stirfry. Purslane is also included in this week's share. Purslane is a tangy and tender green that is delicious in fresh salads or sauteed with garlic and butter. The roots are kept on the purslane to help keep them fresh in your fridge. If you notice some holes in your arugula, don't worry! Those are minor damage from a common pest in the Pacific Northwest called the flea beetle. The flea beetle loves to eat all the plants found in the Brassica family; broccoli, turnips, mustards, kale, radishes, asain greens, arugula, collards, etc. On our farm we use a floating row cover made from woven polypropylene to deter flea beetles. The cover acts like a protective blanket for the crop, allowing in water and sunshine but keeping pests out. On windy days the cover can blow off exposing our crops to these voracious pests.


 Full Share:

Mini Romaine Lettuce x2

Chard 1 bunch

Kale 1/2 pound

Garlic Scapes 3/4 pound

Purslane 1 bunch

Arugula 1 bunch

Half Share:

Mini Romaine Lettuce 1 head

Kale 1/2 pound

Garlic Scapes 1/2 pound

Purslane 1 bunch

Arugula 1 bunch


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